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FREE Masterclass:

"How to Stand Out In A Crowded Beauty Industry"

Join this online experience and learn how to:

  • The 3 industry myths that are keeping you stuck                                  

  • The simple strategy I used to build a successful bridal business (where I got paid my worth and built an empire in the bridal industry)                                         

  • The 3 branding secrets that will set your business apart from others

APRIL 24th at 7pm EST

(LIVE on Zoom w/ Stefani Carol)

Top 5 most requested makeup techniques with Stefani Carol

Top 5 most requested makeup techniques

Get this mini-course and learn how to:

  • Achieve an eyelift by covering dark circles

  • Get a step-by-step guide to highlighting and contouring

  • Create perfect brows!

  • Apply false lashes and how to achieve a professional look at home

  • Do a bold lip and some tips and tricks for a perfect pout

ONLY $49.00



Raise your prices with confidence: How I raised my prices by 10X

In this masterclass you'll learn:

  • My own journey and how I increased my prices

  • How to know it's time to raise the prices

  • The mindset behind raising your prices

  • How to attract the right clients

  • How to add such value that your ideal clients don't mind the price 

  • My 3 tips for being a magnet for luxurious clients

  • My 5 secrets to raising your prices (even during a recession!) 

ONLY $19.00
(was 59.00)

Raise your prices with confidence with Stefani Carol
Creating a portfolio with Stefani Carol

From zero to hero: Creating a portfolio that gets you high end brides

Get this masterclass and learn:

  • Why it's important not to overwhelm your customers

  • Why your portfolio is KEY to building trust (and book clients!)

  • My 5 P's framework

    • Practice: How to develop your signature style

    • Photography: How to get amazing pictures that reflect your value

    • Partner: Why building your network is crucial to building an incredible portfolio

    • Post: Where are your ideal customers?

    • Participate: Don't wait for opportunities to knock on your door - find them. Create them.

ONLY $19.00
(was 59.00)



Booked Solid: How to build a thriving bridal business

In this masterclass you'll learn:

  • How one wedding can turn into 8 new gigs

  • The secret to booking brides (it's not ads nor expensive marketing!)

  • You are your brand (and what that means)

  • Why you need to become a responsible business owner

  • How authenticity plays in getting fully booked

  • Why your network is your net worth

  •  How to keep elevating your business 

ONLY $19.00
(was 59.00)

How you get booked solid with Stefani Carol
Elevate with Stefani Carol online community



Join Elevate with Stefani Carol

A Facebook community where you have a mentor (me!) to guide you on your beauty journey.

I will regularly share fresh training, trends, tips, and tricks with you.


But this community is also a place where you will find peers who cheer for you, send you referrals, help you, and give you tips when you are struggling with your business.

I feel that women are too isolated in this industry and compete too much.

I want to change that!


Other artists are your best allies as they can be a source of knowledge and referrals.

Join my community today, and let's elevate together.

(Pssssst, it's FREE!)

Coaching with Stefani Carol

60-min coaching session

with Stefani Carol

Take your beauty career to the next level with our virtual coaching program designed specifically for beauty professionals.


With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, I'll work with you one-on-one, providing tailored guidance and support to help you reach your professional goals.

Whether you're looking to improve your skills, build your brand, or grow your business, this virtual coaching program will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.


With a focus on practical, actionable advice, I'll help you overcome challenges, develop new strategies, and achieve your goals.

Enroll today and take your first step towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Investment: $249

12 month coaching with Stefani Carol


12-month coaching

with Stefani Carol

Work with me for 12 months and fully transform and fast-track your career.

This program includes regular virtual coaching sessions, access to a supportive community of beauty professionals, and a personalized action plan to help you stay on track.

With the flexibility to participate from anywhere, this program is the perfect way to invest in your beauty career and reach your full potential!
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