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If you met me 20 years ago - you would know me as a singer/musician writing songs about being free, independent, overcoming heartbreak, and my love for God.


If you met me in the last 15 years - you would know me as a "boss babe" flinging makeup brushes and lash tweezers around making women feel confident and beautiful for the big moments in their lives. Building my empire, working day and night with the most passion one person could hold. I loved building my brand and creating my dream job. I loved designing curriculum for students to level up their beauty businesses, teaching all the luxurious services they didn't know how to teach in the common cosmetology schools. I opened my school and adored pouring into each life that sat in my seats. Helping them create their dream jobs just like I did. My students would come back to tell me they took off with what they learned and bought their dream home, dream car, quit their miserable job and became their own boss - leaving the verbally abusive restaurant manager, became independent so they could leave an abusive relationship,  or even that they could afford to have Christmas presents for their children as a single mother.

If you met me in the last 5 years - you witnessed an amazing transformation. I may not have shared my journey as I walked through it, I honestly didn't even have verbiage for it... yet.

I was processing the greatest personal pain and trauma...all while raising my son and running multiple businesses. It was the darkest time of my life. However, I made a decision that I was not going to just SURVIVE... was going to THRIVE! I went on a deep and very intense healing journey. I dug up some deep wounds and allowed myself to feel it all. I found ways to overcome the storm and I kept telling myself, "This is part of my story and I will share it onew day..." that day has come. I know that the tools that I used to dig myself out of the darkest time in my life can help another survive their storm. I can honestly say that these last 5 years were painful but purposeful, I felt broken but it was beautiful, I felt the deepest hurt mixed with the deepest healing. And now I live a life of freedom, joy, and most of all, peace instead of frustration, depression, and panic attacks. My business grew tremendously and so did my family, as I found the love of my life and married my person, the one designed for me.

If you met me would find a woman who has always found beauty in others and couldn't wait to help them see how beautiful they are....but now I'm going deeper. I'm helping them heal and carrying them, holding their hand, guiding them through the storm. Women going through the hardest times of heartbreak, hopelessness, grief, trauma, and pain. Women who didn't know how they were going to survive, just like myself. Women who's world may feel flipped upside down or maybe they are just stuck and lost without feeling alive with a purpose. I'm here to say, YOU CAN MAKE IT! If I can, YOU can! I remember searching for answers, reading every book, studying myself and learning what I needed to come out of the storm. And now I've taken the time to give you a map...a guide to survive and thrive!

I have devoted 12 weeks to join you in your journey and bring you to the other side with my steps and life strategies for healing and wholeness.

I'm Stefani Carol.





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