Hi Love!

I'm  Stefani Carol...

I am a business owner.

I am a licensed Makeup Artist.

I am an International Educator.

I am addicted to seeing others succeed.

I am obsessed with lashes...so much that I  created my very own lash products! 


headshot stef.jpg

It all started at a very young age.

My destiny was written for me...

I played with my sister's hair and painted her lips with my mother's lipstick. Who needed barbie dolls when I had 4 sisters?

After years of "playing", people started requesting my services for special events. I didn't step into the beauty industry...I plowed and created my path.

On the set...

I started doing a lot of work for local photographers and fell in love with being on set. The creative process, the team work, the vision, the final product...I loved it all.


Experimenting on set really sparked a fire in me. I knew it was time to take it to the next level and enroll
into cosmetology school.

I enrolled...

I wanted to learn it all. I did it all.

I worked hard. I managed a spa while taking evening classes. (Again, plowing my path.)


Makeup artistry became really huge during this time. Youtube was really taking off and it really caught my eye. Unfortunately, my beauty school didn't offer much education on makeup. I would bring in new products and tools to share with students and teachers. I knew there was so much more to learn...

I jumped on a plane and traveled to take advanced makeup courses.

I met some amazing people and learned so much.

I became certified in HD Makeup, Bridal Makeup , Custom Blending, Brow Threading, and more.

Putting education to work...

Knowledge is power, right? 

I always heard that saying...but it really became a reality for me. My drive for more,  took my career to a whole new level! Over the years, I was recruited to work for numerous events and cosmetic brands. I'm always networking/"plowing", and this time the path (red carpet) was laid out before me.

I was so honored to be a featured regional artist for some pretty amazing brands such as, Anastasia Beverly Hills, CHANEL, NARS, and more!

Teaching became a MAJOR passion of mine. I was so fortunate to be able to travel and teach for international makeup shows and workshops.

I spent my free time,volunteering my art in charity fashion shows. And, I always made time to guest speak in local cosmetology schools to inspire future artists.

I will never forget where I came from...I have to show the students more.

It's here!

After realizing that all the classes I taught were far from my city, I decided to fill a void. I became a Licensed Cosmetologist Instructor by the State of Ohio, designed a curriculum, and opened my very own Makeup Academy. The FIRST in my city...the FIRST in OHIO!


My academy is a licensed salon and I teach hands on classes for individuals and groups. I have also recently added online courses on my website for my students around the globe.


I can't express how fulfilling it is to enroll students and give them skills and tools to take their careers to another level. Giving fifteen years of my experience to a student, and leading them to their dream job, is everything to me. I always tell my students, "Success is in your hands!". Watching them take off and put their education to work is so rewarding. They come back and tell me how much they love their life, their freedom, and being their own boss. They tell me they quit the job they hated because they are doing what they love now. They tell me about their work/life balance and how they can be home with their family more.

To me, that is success.

What's Next?


In the midst of teaching my classes, traveling, and creating,  I've been offered some beautiful opportunities! I created an online makeup course for a few international companies and had a blast teaching students all over the world.

After years of hard work,product research and development, I have launched my very own luxury lash line!  (Visit my "Lovie Lashes" shop to check them out!)

I have some exciting new projects in the works and I can't wait to share them with you!

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Stay tuned!


"I find fulfillment in seeing the look on someone's face when I finish doing makeup. I truly see beauty in every person, and I LOVE to bring it out with my simple applications. To me...it's not about the makeup or my skills...it's about creating a moment that builds self worth.

I just want to use every talent I have in hopes that it will bless someone and they will look back and remember the moments we had together. I hope to be a small change in this world by inspiring others and showing love through my gifts,  "

- Stefani Carol