Stefani Carol's Organic Foaming Lash Bath Cleanser

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This gentle lash cleanser is a must have for lash extension clients and artists. Indulge your lashes with this organic gentle formula that contains a blend of botanical extracts such as Arnica Montana Flower, Aloe, and Calendula Flower to instantly remove bacteria, oil, and makeup residue, while improving lash retention!

Soothe your skin and lashes with calming anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe and german chamomile.


1. Shake Cleanser

2. Pump one to two pumps of the foam cleanser onto a clean brush or disposable microfiber wand

3. Brush foam into base of the lash line and through the lashes

4. Rinse eyes with water

5. Brush through lashes with a mascara wand to straighten them out

6. Let lashes air dry

7.Repeat once a week or when necessary

You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions you or the client may experience.

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